Monthly Archives: June 2018

Children remember how we treat them

  A letter saying 'sorry'.                                                                                     Dear Niece, I am writing to you about …
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Workshop for parents in Nambour 2018

A book for parents I can't help but think that the book 'The Whole-Brain Child' will be a great help for many parents. I really love the way the authors have presented their strategies for parents who are emotionally focused (right brain) and also parents who are more focused on creating solutions (left brain). That…
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Play Therapy for children with challenges is not all play

  First, children have a natural ability to play from a very early age. They are able to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences in therapy with play. This method of expression is a useful tool for children aged 3 to 12 years as developmentally they have not acquired adult language. Play in the therapy…
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