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Child Centered Play Therapy

(evidence-based approach) CCPT RESEARCH: ‘Play Therapy is the most developmentally appropriate way to approach children in a counselling relationship, and it is in this safe, nurturing environment that children play out what they have experienced, their reactions and feelings about those experiences, what they need in their lives, and how they feel about themselves. Thus,…
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Does your child need therapy?

The start When you feel as though your child might need some extra help, it's the beginning of a journey that you may not finish. You may end up not taking your child to a therapist. Why? Because it can be scary for some parents. The 'what ifs' The 'what ifs' come first. What if…
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Preparing your child for therapy?

  'Look at the world through my eyes ....please'. I often wonder how a child feels when he first comes to counselling. Does he feel frightened or scared or angry? He might think that he has to come to counselling because he's the problem in the family. No one else has to go. Does he…
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