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Children are not small adults

Children grow at their own pace I was a teacher before I was a parent. As a teacher I knew that 8 year olds learnt certain skills. When I had my own children this knowledge was further expanded. I needed to respond to each of my children in different ways. Not only were they different…
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Listening between you and your child

Listening to children Life can so much fun with children when I listen. With my own children and grandchildren listening to their jokes, and their stories, and their adventures, and their sweet words of love and affection brings me so much joy and delight. Listening with my ears, my eyes, my body and my senses…
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Building confidence in your child through play

Play is vital for children Of course we all know that children play. Children's play is one of the most important developmental inputs they will ever have. Hard to believe? When I ask my five year old granddaughter what she would like to do, she always says "Play". She doesn't know that she is developing…
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How to grow respect between you and your child

You matter as much as your child When I had my children all those years ago I thought parenting should come naturally. You didn't and it doesn't. Parenting is a special job for all of us. If you have more than one child you will already know that each child is different and each…
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You can have a great relationship with your child

I am now a mother and a grandmother. When I had three little children sometimes I would become angry at them for no apparent reason. I became worried about this because I wanted to have a loving relationship with them. It seemed that this emotion came from no where and I couldn't understand it. If…
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It’s the feelings we share, not the roles we play

Are there times when you feel the responsibilities you've assumed are backing you into a corner? Does this prevent you from being able to express your own heartfelt feelings? I remember it well. At times I played the 'mother' role so intensely that I forgot to nourish my own needs. I was making sure everything…
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Parenting together with your partner can be powerful

Teenage boys … difficulties A friend of mine recently expressed how his teenage sons were becoming very difficult to manage and this had gone on for some time. He also told me that the two of them had developed a close friendship and he was very happy about that. But this union had become quite…
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Empathy shows acceptance of who we are

What is empathy? From the experience with my parents I define it as being there when someone needs you to listen, just listen, and not try to solve your problems. As I was growing up my parents patiently listened to me while I told them of my feelings and difficulties. At these times I felt…
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