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Child Centred Play Therapy-evidence-based approach

First, children have a natural ability to play from a very early age. They are able to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences in therapy with play. This method of expression is a useful tool for children aged 3 to 12 years as developmentally they have not acquired adult language. Play in the therapy room…
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How Play Therapy helps children develop confidence -Part B

Self-efficacy/confidence We all need self-efficacy to cope in life. Self-efficacy is a belief that we are able to perform in ways that will help meet our needs. For example, children with high self-efficacy believe they have many ways to help themselves to learn something new, even if they run into a snag. They are motivated…
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Play therapy helps children develop confidence – Part A

The story of Jill, 8 years In a recent session with a young child name Jill, aged 8 years, I noticed growth in her level of confidence. According to her parents, Jill was not confident at school and so found it very difficult to make friends. She always had to ask other children if she…
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