Bobbi’s Cat

In 2017 I moved Swing High Counselling for Children from the Palmwoods village a few streets down to my home address 5 Bush Tree Crt.

Little did I realise that my young clients would enjoy the company of my cat, Lynx. We inherited Lynx from my daughter when she went overseas. Lynx was a stray and her out of control ferocious behaviour showed how she'd been neglected.

But now 14 years later  she has become the 'Sweetheart of Swing High'. So how did that happen you might ask? It was a visit to the vet that did it. 'Hyperthyroidism' he said. 'Expensive' I say. Her pills miraculously improved her behaviour in no time.

So now butter doesn't melt in her mouth! She welcomes my young clients with a style of sophistication that makes my face turn red. Her long drawn out nostalgic meows, her petite pretty purrs and her swanlike movements around their legs causes them to respond to her with emotional outbursts that would make any cat proud.

But that's not all.

Lynx doesn't have a tail.

We all know that the absence of a tail on any cat will probably spark children's imagination like wild fire and it did. My clients asked 'What happened to her tail? Was it cut off? Who did it? Why did they cut it off? Was she born without a tail?' And so it went on and on and on and eventually 'Poor Lynx'!

Poor Lynx my eye! Little do they know what I have been through with this cat. Blood and scars and broken window screens,  howling canine pets that cower and hide and dollars and dollars spent on pills.

So what am I to do? I do love her but I feel she is taking over. Will I get rid of her or will I ban her from Swing High? Will I let her stay?

Perhaps I will take a few breaths and be mindful of all the joy she gives my clients. Perhaps in time I will be able to accept that she is more popular with my clients than me. Maybe we will become good friends.