Does your child need therapy?

The start

When you feel as though your child might need some extra help, it's the beginning of a journey that you may not finish. You may end up not taking your child to a therapist. Why? Because it can be scary for some parents.

The 'what ifs'

The 'what ifs' come first. What if your child has a tantrum when he goes to the therapist?  What if the therapist finds some thing is really wrong with your child? What if he has to be treated for a disorder with medication? What if you are overreacting? What if the therapist finds out that you're a 'bad' parent?

The answer to the 'what ifs'

There's no answers to the 'what ifs' because they're just fears.......and naturally so. There's no bad children and there's no bad parents.

Understanding and help

I am a parent and a grandparent and a therapist. I love working with children and families. My job is focused on how best you and I can work together to embrace the best in your child and your family. In this way your child will benefit from my therapy and your parenting. It's a journey that you and I can make together.

Your child's inappropriate behaviour doesn't have to last forever

Your child may be behaving in a way that you are worried or unhappy about. If you are concerned you will be reading this post. Life is full of ups and downs and we can't control everything. Sometimes children store up lots of emotions that they can't understand or cope with. This may be brought on by changes, loss or stress at home or school. They may become overwhelmed by these emotions and so their behaviour may change for the worse. They may become angry often; loose their temper at the smallest trigger; or just be plain unhappy.

Therapy is about healing and growth

At the core of the therapy used at Swing High is the trusting relationship between the therapist and the child and the parent. Every child and parent is accepted for who they are. A strength-based approach is the basis of our counselling, meaning that we believe that everyone has their own skills and abilities to overcome obstacles.  It is our job to support you in developing  confidence to find and use your strengths.

Follow your intuition

If you feel that your child needs some help, find it.  At Swing High you are not judged or evaluated. You are accepted and encouraged.  It is not necessary for children to take  struggles and difficulties into their future. They can be attended to now.