Empathy shows acceptance of who we are

What is empathy? From the experience with my parents I define it as being there when someone needs you to listen, just listen, and not try to solve your problems. As I was growing up my parents patiently listened to me while I told them of my feelings and difficulties. At these times I felt loved and accepted for who I was. They gave me advice too but I remember mainly being listened to without judgement. Wasn’t I lucky?

Bobbi Cruice

Did you know that ‘empathy’ is ‘different to sympathy’!

Watch this!


from Brene Brown

Do you use empathy in your relationships?

Would you like others to listen to you without any judgement?

Do you think empathy would be beneficial in your family relationships?

Is there someone you know who is empathic?

If you’re brave enough to use empathy in a relationship, what did you notice?