It’s the feelings we share, not the roles we play


Are there times when you feel the responsibilities you've assumed are backing you into a corner? Does this prevent you from being able to express your own heartfelt feelings?

I remember it well. At times I played the 'mother' role so intensely that I forgot to nourish my own needs. I was making sure everything was done to the tee..... jobs, schedules and homework. How hard it must have been for everyone else in the family!

But I also remember when I found time to look after my own needs. I was much happier and much more fun to be with. Family life seemed to be smoother. When I discovered this I found more time to play with the children and they had more time for me. I really didn't have more hours but it certainly felt like it. Some how stress seemed to rob me of time with the ones I loved the most. I became lighter 'cos I was being me not some role I had to play.

I found that the jobs still got done; the schedules were followed and the homework was completed.  Of course it wasn't all smooth all the time.  But I realised that I wanted to have good connections with the people I loved. To do this I was willing to let go of stress and have more of love.