Tips for Parents

Remember: You are the most important person in your child’s life.

We all have our own way of parenting.
Sometimes it works really well and other times it doesn’t.

You need a pat on the back for taking on parenting. It’s challenging.

We can always learn more about how to parent effectively.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a good parent and your children don’t have to perfect to be great either.


If you want to have a good relationship with anyone, especially your child, try empathy. Instead of trying to control your child, which is exhausting, try connecting with your child. Empathy is putting yourself in someone elses’ shoes, noticing how they feel. If you show empathy to your child they learn how to empathise with others. Being able to connect with others in this way improves relationships greatly. It takes practise. Boundaries are still important too.

Watch this

Your child’s developmental stages

Children go through growing stages in which they change. Just when you think you know them they do something unexpected. At times it looks like they are misbehaving, but it could also be that they’re going through another change.

Children naturally want to become independent

From the time children are born they want to walk and talk and learn to become separate from you. This is a natural drive they have. When they’re two years old and they throw a tantrum because they can’t do what they want is such an example. This reminder helped me greatly when my children were older.

When your child is distressed try these

Respond to your child’s feelings ‘I can see you’re upset’.
Try to spend some one to one time with your child.
Explain a change in circumstances calmly eg, a divorce or separation.

"We love working with you and your children."