Playing with your children just 30 minutes every week can improve your relationship with them

Sounds like fun, but why does playing with your child help reconnect you in your relationship? First of all you know how children love to play, usually it’s their first choice of fun. Secondly they get to do it with you their most favourite person of all.

But there’s more.

Research Shows It Works

The relationship between child and parent has been found to be so significant that it is used in Filial Therapy. Research has shown that this therapy is highly effective in improving and correcting children’s problems and preventing the development of future problems in many different populations.

The Child Leads … with boundaries

Children lead the play experience with a parent with special play materials and in a private space. They know how to do this as play is their strongest, most natural form of expression. Within appropriate boundaries the parent accepts the child as she is. The parent allows the child to make mistakes without interfering or offering suggestions.

How It Works

It is not really surprising how effective Filial Therapy can be. What child wouldn’t love playing with a parent trained in this child-parent relationship approach. It is reasoned that improving the relationship positively impacts on the underlying causes of the child’s behaviour and so inappropriate behaviours decrease.

Changing the child’s perception of the relationship is at the core of the therapy. Parents who are able to ‘look through the eyes of the child’ become more understanding of the child’s struggles and are able to assist the child more effectively. As parents develop more confidence in themselves they focus on encouraging their children to master an inner control of behaviour rather than their always having to say “Stop that” or “You can’t do that “ which can be exhausting.

If you are interested in knowing more about Filial Therapy contact the staff at Swing High.