Workshop for parents in Nambour 2018

A book for parents

I can't help but think that the book 'The Whole-Brain Child' will be a great help for many parents. I really love the way the authors have presented their strategies for parents who are emotionally focused (right brain) and also parents who are more focused on creating solutions (left brain). That means that because we tend to use either a left or right brain approach in parenting, this book has some important information for all who care for children.

Feedback from parents about using the book

I recently introduced the book to a group of Mums organised by Thriving Families at Nambour. The session was for parents looking for strategies to support their children experiencing anxiety. The feedback I received from these mothers was very positive. They found the approach to be practical and simple enough to be tried after the session.

'The Whole-Brain Child' is written by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. 'Siegel and Bryson turn leading brain science into simple, smart, and effective solutions for your child's struggles', Harvey Karp MD.

Workshops for Parents in July, August and September 2018 in Nambour

Carey Shaw from Thriving Families has kindly invited me back to provide a 4 week course for parents. This course will be workshop based with a strong focus on parent discussion and planning on how useful strategies can be integrated into day to day parenting.